All About Portuguese Wine

Are you a wine collector curious about the history of wine in Portugal? Do you want to find out more about the delicious wines from the stables of skilled winemakers from Portugal? Come on board as we take you through all you need to know about Portuguese wine. We promise that you would be happy you stumbled upon this informative piece of writing at the end of the last paragraph.

Within the last few decades, Portuguese wines have ranked top among other wines from earning various international awards across the globe which includes the 578 Portuguese wines awarded at Decanter World Wine Awards and also the 643 medals won at the 33rd international wine challenge edition. Portuguese wine recognition has rapidly increased its exportation and reputation among other wines. The content of the wine itself has more to offer than just the port wine! The secret to these awards are numerous, highlighted below are few of the fascinating facts all wine lovers desire to know:

The Eleventh Large Producer of Wine

Portugal being 92.212 kilometers square small in size compared to Spain 505.990 kilometers square and Italy 301.338 kilometers square is rated eleventh largest wine producing country in the world. Portugal ranking the ninth biggest wine exporter is also known to have the eighth largest vineyard area in the world.

All Port Wines Are Produced Only in One Region of Portugal

Douro regarded as World Heritage by UNESCO as at 2001, is the place of birth of all port wine and is exclusively still produced there today! 

And also falls among the fourteen wine producing regions in Portugal. The Douro is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world known for its explicit Douro wines like Quinta do Crasto Douro superior, Real Companhia Velha Douro Porca de Murcia Red, these are few among many, the region is beautifully unique and also ranked one of the most visited wine regions in the world.

Portuguese Wines Have Seals of Authenticity

All wines from Portugal have inscriptions on the bottles as a seal which confirms its quality, authenticity, and also its region of origin. The labels also come with vital information such as the variety of the grape, region where the grape is grown, the name of the winery and also the wine rating.

Portuguese Wines Are Made from Native Varieties of Grape

Surprising as it may be wines like, Tinta Barraco, Touriga Franca, Rabigato, Tinta Roriz, Maria Gomes, Baga, Touriga Nacional, and Alv Marinho are made from native Portuguese grape variety that is not known worldwide. Most of the native grapes are inherited from ancient grape plants that have been used in wine productions for over thousands of years and have survived all climate changes. Now that you know more about the wines from Portugal, you can go on and pick a few bottles and add them to your collections. The Portuguese winemakers are one of the best in the world, it is difficult to find a bad wine from Portugal.

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