Best Cities to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most interesting and culturally-rich countries in southern Europe. Its history goes back more than 1000 years ago and clues from those distant times remained in some of its cities. Templars were constant inhabitants in Portugal and some of their former castles still exist. Every region has a different tradition and culture, making this country even more interesting to visit. We have selected some of the best cities to visit in Portugal in order to give you a genuine experience.

Angra do Heroismo is the main city of the Azores. This is a group of volcanic islands located more than 900 miles west from mainland Portugal. They are one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe thanks to the landscape and crystal-clear water. This city is centred around an 18th century town square that has some of the most beautiful buildings on the island. Outside town, endless green pastures and forests give a peaceful feeling to the viewer.

Aveiro is one of the most unique towns in Portugal. It is also called the Venice of Portugal thanks to its network of canals that wind through the city and the beautiful architecture. Almost every building has a different style and the diversity is astonishing. From traditional ceramic tiles facade to modern approaches, this city is like and open museum. In the centre of the city stand the Cathedral of Aveiro, a beautiful sample of Baroque architecture.

Coimbra is the host of one of the oldest universities of Europe, dating back more than 500 years. The city is located on the banks of Mondego River and the architectural style of this city is amazing. Being so old, the city is a mixture between Moorish, Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance. The university plays a central role in every city tour of Coimbra. One of the main attractions related to the university is the Joanine library.

Evora is listed in the Most Ancient European Towns network. It hosts the Roman temple of Evora that dates back in the 1st century. This temple was dedicated to Emperor Augustus. Other buildings date from 14th to 17th century and the entire architectural heritage of this city is extremely well preserved. The defence walls that used to be the main security system of the inhabitants hundreds of years ago still stand at their duty.

Guimaraes was awarded UNESCO world heritage status thanks to the amazing architecture and for the role this city played in the formation of the Portuguese nation. The city is a mixture of Middle Age buildings and elegant Baroque palaces. The main attraction is the monumental Guimaraes castle that stands as the perfect combination between Romanesque and Gothic styles. Monsaraz is the perfect example of a fortified village. It is located on a hilltop in the countryside and offers a glimpse in the life of Portuguese people hundreds of years ago. The area had inhabitants from prehistoric times and many monuments stand proof for the historical richness of this place.

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