Great Things to Do and See in Tomar – Part 2

Tomar is one of Portugal’s hidden gems. If you are planning your next vacation in Portugal, then include this Tomar and its remarkable old town on your list. Tomar was established in the 12th Century as one of the last towns of Knights Templar. Every corner of this town looks nostalgic because of many old buildings with their own stories, amazing squares and picturesque parks that are worth to visit. Check out the list and come to Tomar!

Convent of Christ

Whether you are religious or not, the Convent of Christ is a must. It was the first building made by knights Templar and Tomar was built around it. The architecture of this magnificent round abbey that has been defending Tomar for centuries just simply magnificent. The complex of convent and castle is a historic and cultural monument and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983. To get to the abbey you will have to take a taxi because it is situated out of town and on a hill beyond the city.

Aqueduto dos Pegoes

When the Templars were building the abbey, they knew they had to provide water for the residents and the only available source was four natural springs at nearby Pegoes. As a result, the construction of a magnificent aqueduct to carry the water over the six kilometers from the springs to the abbey was started. This big project would be ambitious even today with all the modern equipment we already have. However, it was 1590’s and it seems quite unbelievable that this huge and impressive structure was built in the 16th century.

The best time to visit the aqueduct is sunrises and sunsets when the grand arches that form the structure throw shadows over the landscape. If you are brave enough, it possible to walk along the very top of the thirty-meter high structure but we highly recommend to choose a safer activity.

Pastries of Tomar

After climbing up and down of Tomar hills, visiting the abbey, aqueduct and old town, you should be very hungry, so we highly recommend trying Estrelas de Tomar. This is the local delicacies of Tamor that are well-known and popular in Portugal.

The small sugary balls are delightful and made under the old medieval recipe which is quite unique. Basically, this delicacy is made from eggs as they were one of the few things that people always had during medieval times and baked in a special pan. The original version made from sugar and egg-yolks is called Fatias de Tomar and can be found only in this town.

Tomar is a place of great surprises and it is not just an ancient historical town that should be visited by academics only. It offers many amazing places, great restaurants, cafes, old bars to rest and enjoy those lovely and warm evenings in Portugal.

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