Marvao in Tomar is One of The Most Picturesque Villages to Visit

Marvao in Tomar is One of The Most Picturesque Villages to Visit
Marvao in Tomar is One of The Most Picturesque Villages to Visit

Not many places in the world can boast of the history and wild beauty, that the small village Marvao in Portugal has. Located not very far away from the border of Spain and Portugal, this village has been a witness to the most historic battles in history. You can sense the importance of this tiny village by its location. Located at the height of 3000 feet, Marvao stands on the kind of terrain, that nobody would associate with having a town on it. The rocky, rugged terrain wouldn’t have been the best place at any point of time to live. The nearby areas of the village are all open areas, which are far better to live than on a rocky, hilly area.

The grandness of the village

You can spot this quaint village from very far away, standing the wrath of fierce battles fought on its soil over centuries. The blue sky gives the perfect background to this incredible village. For a second, you might feel that you’ve entered a different era. The drive to the town in itself is a memorable experience, the steep road with zigzag path takes you on a journey which you’d have only dreamt of. Fort-like ancient walls surround the village. Once you reach the top of the town, you’d be treated with one of the best views of your life.

Strategically important location

A Walk through the street of this historical village can give a sense of what it must have been felt living in this village centuries ago. The village has always been one of the most strategically important places in every battle. Every army wanted to capture this village to get strategic ascendency. Walking through the town, you’d know that almost everything in the town was built for battles purposes. The double walls were significant security assets back in the time.

The village has been the battleground between Spanish and Portugal forces. Muslims and Christians also fought for supremacy in this village. You can see the Muslim influence in the architecture as the Moors ruled the town for about 500 years. After the Moors, Spanish and Portuguese ruled the village for quite some time. The village is an excellent place for the lovers of history and architecture to visit. Anyone who loves beauty is also going to fall in love with this beautiful village. When you consider the history, location, architecture, and grandness of the village, not many places can challenge this village when it comes to the significance.

An increasing number of visitors

The popularity of Marvao is reaching the ears of the tourists. Tourism is snowballing in this area. The village saw around 20000 tourists last year, which is a significant number considering the population of the village. The overflow of the tourists hasn’t affected the beauty of the town yet, but you never know for how long the village can keep t’s charisma. Shortly, the town is expected to see an enormous surge in the number of visitors.

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