Rewilding Europe – Bringing the Wild Back to Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful place to vacation. The country is the most popular destinations in the world for some power-packed holidays, alongside Vietnam and Japan. However, this destination as popular as it may be is also considered a wild place, with unique flora and fauna everywhere. A certain organization and a local inn in Portugal have decided to add a new feature to the accommodations in Portugal. The experiment took place in the Faia Bravo Wildlife Reserve, where they checked to see if ecotourism was a possibility. The research yielded exceptional results.

Star Camp

The camp is part of a series of experiments to restore Portugal to its traditional wildness. The accommodations at this camp are located in the Faia Bravo Wildlife Reserve, where owners are reintroducing Wolves, Bison, and other species to ensure the restoration of the reserve. The place that you will stay at for your purchased time is not indoors. Instead, it is located before a gorgeous view of the Côa valley. Of course, visitors and customers will have access to a hearty breakfast during their stay along with other condiments to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The design of this location is remodeled to resemble the structure of the Yellowstone National Park, located in the United States. The organization in charge of this experiment is a non-profit organization. All of the expenses earned at this camp area go towards the rehabilitation of the reserve and the accommodations for customers.


The process of restoring reserves and damaged areas is now dubbed ‘Rewilding.’ This process includes restoring all types of land especially farmland areas where the soil is not nutritious enough to support modern factories and vegetation. The experiment is to improve conditions and help the environment to be able to sustain itself on its own. This is done by establishing animals and creatures that help in pollinating flowers and fertilizing the ground. None of the reserves with the new additions in accommodation have anything unnatural around it. There are no telephone lines neither is there any radio towers making the scene more serene and peaceful, to gaze at. The organization in charge of promoting the famous star camp in Portugal told multiple persons about how the main idea of ecotourism is Portugal came from ecotourism in South Africa. This provides customers and visitors with a sense of wildness and adventure.

The Animals

The animals are a large part of the experience that is available in the Faia Bravo Wildlife Reserve. Many of the creatures that are available at the accommodations are a part of the de-extinction program. Many efforts in bringing back extinct animals are focused on the Aurochs. These animals are the wilder and ancient version of the common bison. The Tauros project has been working on different ways to bring back the ancient graders to make the environment more suitable for other animals and plant growth. By cross-breeding selective cattle and bison, the world is now closer than ever in achieving the return of the extinct species that once roamed the lands of ancient Portugal.

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