Top Places in Portugal

Portugal, a famous country known for its history, an awesome climate with many sites for vacations, sightseeing and breathtaking scenery, relatively small in size compared to Italy and France, has lots of tourist centers. The country comprises of many villages traditional known for fishing activities and pristine beaches along its coastline, the blend of historic districts with ultra-modern structures in its cities makes it a must go destination. Portugal has an impressive active nightlife yet holds to heart its moral history and heritage. Below are a few of the top places you can explore if you decide to visit Portugal.


Tavira an ancient and prominent fortified town in the 9th century during the North African Moors era is located in the calm eastern Algarve. The town is known generally for its fishing activities and has reserved its unique qualities and charms unlike towns on the southern part of Portuguese that have been subjected to massive tourist activities. The ancient history of Tavira is displayed on its walls, cobbled streets and small plazas close to the baroque villas. Pristine sandy beaches found on the southern Tavira managed and protected by Formosa Nature Park, offers its visitors a sense of relaxation and a feel of the sea, all these features make the town a wonderful destination to go for vacations.


Coimbra, having the high percentage of its population to be students is often regarded as the ancient university town of Portugal and comprises a mix of historic centers and youthful energy. The compact city of Coimbra can be explored without much stress in less than a day, as students are normally seen throughout the region in their black robe regalia in groups at cafes performing a classical song or in rush to meet up with their lectures. Coimbra also is a partway between Porto and Lisbon.


Lisbon with a memorable heritage and history is a very vibrant and diverse city comprising of distinct districts, each with its own unique architectural blend. The narrow-cobbled streets that are dissected by the popular quaint tram networks leading to the grand plazas make the city a joy to explore. Lisbon designed by nature to be a superb destination for any kind of vacation ranging from a city break to a beach holiday, also has world-class beaches not too far from the main city, a perfect fit for anyone ranging from families to young couples or even more mature travelers.

Now that you have found out some of the top places for an amazing time in Portugal, you can now confidently pack your bags and book your flight. You are now ready to explore this country and you are about to have a time of your life. All of these spots in Portugal are equally beautiful and amazing. If you’re looking for a cool and pretty spot to visit next time you are in Portugal these should be your top spots! They all have beautiful scenery and fun activities to do and explore as well.

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