What Tomar in Portugal and The Knights Templar Have in Common

Those who have history fanatics have heard about the Knights Templar. If you are one those people who have been curious about the Templars, then the Tomar is the place for you to visit. The scenic town of Tomar is situated in the central part of Portugal. It is found along the banks of a river and is known for its famous churches and cobblestone streets. One of the most popular things you will see on every itinerary when you visit Portugal is the Convento de Cristo. This structure is a castle and has that eerie sense of mystery attached to it. The villa isn’t any ordinary castle that you will find in other places. The villa is also visible from any part of the city when you visit, drawing attention to its pinnacle. As a fan of the controversy of the Templars, to climb the castle to the order of the Knights Templar is by far the most exciting things you will ever get to do in your lifetime.

The Tomar Castle’s Rich Heritage

The castle was founded over nine centuries ago and has been the headquarters of the Knights Templar since its inception. The testimony that the castle pronounces is to validate and patronize the Templar history and thereby contributing to the history of Portugal itself. Tomar is known to be the last of the Templar towns that were constructed during the 12th century. The entire architecture of the castle is made of stone and adorned with arches and several masts. The stairs that lead to the top are steep and winding, adding to the mystic behind the ritualistic climbs. The design is said to be of Gothic, Renaissance and Manueline styles.

The Convent of the Order of Christ

The castle is known by the locals as the Convento de Cristo is not only known for its architecture but also emanates a sense of magic and mystery in every sense. The castle was founded in 1160 and has been the headquarters of the Order of the Knights Templar till the 14th century. In the year 1319, the Knights Templar was disbanded over several controversies. The construction of the headquarters kept going for more than four centuries and is an essential part of the rich Portugal history.

The castle has several highlights that are amazing to witness. One of the important elements of the castle is the Rotunda Church. Otherwise called the Charola Church, the structure is found in the heart of the castle. The build is uniquely round and is said to follow the same ritualistic principals as the temples in Jerusalem. The 16th-century art with religious significance is supposed to be found adorning the walls of the interior of the church.

After the Knights Templar was disbanded, the castle’s ownership was transferred to the Portuguese Order of Christ till a religious act was passed abolishing the right to possession in 1934. The state took possession of the castle in 1983, and it has been declared as a Heritage monument by the UNESCO World Heritage center.

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