Why You Must Visit Portugal

1.  History

Portugal became a sovereign nation in 1143 after much power tussle and fighting off invaders. It finally became a member of the organization now known as European Union in 1968. This move is majorly the reason why we have Portugal as a place to today. Most of the historical features of the ancient Portuguese people are still available in their museums. They include the whale hunting was at that time the major economic activity in Portugal. There are also beautiful churches and artworks that represented a religion which was used most especially during periods of political struggles. When it comes to landscape, most of the islands located in Portugal were formed as a result of volcanic activities which date back to millions of years ago. You will be missing these ancient fascinating that are found in Portugal.

2. Sea Excursions

Portugal is a place to get the best water excursions. The memory of watching calm waters with wild dolphins swimming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is one that you would not be forgetting in a hurry. You will also be entertained by the large expanse of land peaks in the blue sea waters that are so strong that they crash towards the coastline in waves that get to an amazing height. Portugal will also give you an opportunity to overcome the phobia for scuba diving and even give you an opportunity to catch a glimpse of a real-life whale. You will get a taste of the natural sea life while swimming across the beaches in Portugal.

3. The Hot Springs

Portugal has a collection of natural springs that you can explore on your visit to Portugal. Most of it can be found in the archipelago island towards the mainland. It is a common sight in Portugal to see areas where waters of different sizes and temperatures spring out of the group to form hot springs. In other areas, the temperatures of the water are so hot that you can see hot pools with rich minerals that are good for health treatments and facials care. Some of these hot springs have been turned to public spas with hot pools and tubs.

4. The People and Culture

The interesting features of Portugal will not be complete if we don’t mention the culture and the people. The people of Portugal have a good number of cultural festivals that are so entertaining that both locals and people from other countries (tourists) attend and take part in the events. The festivals all attest to the history, root and cultural heritage of the Portuguese people. On the other hand, the Portuguese are welcoming, hospitable and adventurous. They are always eager to share items they craft at home and even their artworks. The blue painting on a white tile is the signature art of the Portuguese people.

5. Serenity

Portugal is characterized by tranquility and serenity. If you want a location where you can be away from the noise and drama of the real life, then you can plan a visit to Portugal.

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